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MNT Consulting Group Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm specializing in infrastructure design, land development, onsite wastewater systems, stormwater management, planning and development permit processing. We aims to meet the aspirations of our clients, delivering practical solutions to environmental, design and planning issues in a highly effective way, all the while pursuing sustainable solutions which focus on low-impact development strategies and innovative technologies.Our experience and knowledge of Simcoe County development regulations, unique site constraints, and the personnel at local government allow us to assist the developer in each unique project.

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Featured Services

Pre-construction services are used in planning a construction project before the actual construction begins. These services are often referred to as precon

All of our Professional Service projects follow a standard methodology to ensure a quality implementation, regardless of size. This includes initial projec

MNT Consulting offers complete planning and design services for residential subdivisions and commercial site developments, including lot layout, road, sewe